Derren Brown - Something Wicked!

Searching to say something

Since I installed the new Lijit Search box (see the top right hand corner of this blog) people seem to have been taking advantage of it in many ways.

It displays a "cloud" of terms that people have been searching and puts the most frequently searched terms first.

Now, thanks to the ISP feature of this blog, I know who is visiting the site and we do have quite a few regulars.

What the Lijit Search cloud has revealed is very interesting, and in some ways a little sad.

One key player in the quest to keep Sue-Anne and I out of the ASM has gone out of his way to make it clear to others he can't stand me. He's spread rumours, made presentations, sent legal letters and even made physical threats of violence - telling others what he'd do to me if I ever showed up at an ASM meeting.

One would think that now we've been rejected from the ASM he would be happy.


He's now spending his days in front of the computer visiting this blog.

Take a look at the current Lijit search cloud.


Do you know how many times you have to search to get a particular term to the top of the cloud? Can you imagine the time it would take to manage three separate terms? Here's a clue.


That's 445 search hits... today!

Now what I can't understand is, if this person simply cannot stand the sight of us, then why is he spending so much time on our blog? Surely he's not attempting to provoke or harrass in some way, that would be poor form.

As much as I appreciate the increase in the hit count he's giving our blog, and I'm not going to ban him or anyone else from it, I feel sorry for the fact that he can't find a more productive way to spend his time.

Like I said, it's a little sad really.