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The Amazing Nigel & Harry

We just received the sad news that, on Sunday, David Birchall passed away in Queensland.

David was a good friend of ours and an innovative comedy magician from my era who created the theatrical act 'The Amazing Nigel & Harry'.

His character Nigel was an 80 year old vaudeville magician who tried to perform magic, but his tricks rarely went right and always to hilarious effect. The 'Harry' of the act was his assistant, an even older gent confined to a wheelchair who would give the occassional drum-roll when he hadn't nodded off.

Who will ever forget Nigel apparently not noticing Harry accidentally rolling off the stage at the 1996 Australian Magic Convention?

David's act was a huge favourite with 'Hey Hey It's Saturday' where he appeared almost as often as Harry Houdidn't and The Amazing Jonathon.

Sadly, David was very ill for the last part of his life. He was given only a year or so to live about ten years ago.  Despite his illness he had a great faith in God and, though very sick, still kept in touch with his friends in magic. A few years ago he even played a major role in sending a paedophile out of the magic scene and into jail.

David brought a lot of laughter to a lot of people through his magic, and in many other ways he made the world a better place for the rest of us.