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Three hours of JJJ

Yesterday morning I got up at 5am and headed to the Northcote Social Club to watch Nicholas Johnson on the radio.

As odd as that may sound, he was performing magic for a JJJ live broadcast and invited me along.


It was a lot of fun and the early morning energy of the crowd was palpable. The hosts revved them up and kept them entertained and, after Nicholas Jjjamazed them on air with a card trick that had them genuinely shocked, he hung around to kept the party mood pumping.

Nicholas made balloon animals for the Uni student crowd who absolutely lapped them up. They were literally begging for balloon sculptures and within half an hour there was a sea of heads wearing ridiculous balloon hats and huge grins.

IMAG0046Nicholas also did a straitjacket escape on air, having to escape before the presenters finished reading the weather, and during the next weather segment he hammered a nail up his nostril while the crowd "oohed" and "aahed"... though mostly "eughed" to be precise.


It was fun being there in the background absorbing it all, though the hosts did recognise me from the Catchpenny Club at the Melbourne Magic Festival where they wrote about a trick I did. They said they still hadn't figured it out and were very eager to see it again.

Peter Russell Clarke was also a special on-air guest and he also remembered me from our days touring the Victorian countryside with 'The Magic of Milk' Show 22 years ago! As he shook my hand he looked at me in amazement and said "You haven't changed a bit!"


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