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Another Magical Ripoff

The hot topic over at the Genii Forum at the moment is a newly discovered website www.magicaluniversity.com

The site looks legit, but none of the "faculty" listed know anything about it.

It appears that the domain owners (who seem to own a lot of other questionable domains) have simply lifted the contents of American magician Tim David's site www.themagiccollege.com - just open both sites in separate browsers and compare the two - and added the faculty list from McBride's Mystery School.

The worst part for Tim David is that they've left his contact details on the site so, unless you do a WHOIS lookup on the domain owner, you'd assume that he is the one responsible for Magical University.

The aim of the site, as it appears, is to get your credit card details and continually rebill you without providing you with a service of any kind.

Please tell all magicians you know to avoid this site.

Tim David wrote to me saying:

"Thanks for the heads up on this Tim. I’m in a bit of a panic right now, because I’m getting angry emails from some magicians I respect very much. I have NO affiliation with magicuniversity.com or The Magical University. My real (and legitimate) site is TheMagicCollege.com  They have copied my entire site and used it for apparently fraudulent purposes. I’ll be posting more at the forum. Again, thanks for looking into this and not jumping to conclusions…

- Tim David (The REAL Tim David)"