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Another typical day

Christmas Craziness

Last night I did a gig with comedian Ray Gilson, and it was a most unusual crowd.

They certainly had a good time, it was their office Christmas party and they loved the magic, they laughed at his comedy, but they showed it... differently... to most groups we work to.

Let's put it this way... many magicians who do 'Crazy Man's Hancuffs' will know that sometimes you get the odd person who just doesn't get it. Even though you pass one rubber band through the other several times, they don't see any magic.

A lot of the people in the group were like that, but then it went further... I do a false explanation where I snap a rubber band in half and restore it saying the band has velcro on it.

I had to stop and wait several times while entire tables searched all of the rubber bands for the velcro joins. Several people snapped a lot of the bands and were genuinely concerned when they couldn't get them back together.

Was it just them putting their trust in what I told them, or was it a lack of imagination that prevented them from "getting" the magic.

At least with my group it was only rubber bands.

Meanwhile in Winchelsea Mat Unwin, Brendan Croft, Chris Morant and co were doing a Magic Unlimited Horror Theme Night for Ripcurl. Brendan was doing strolling razorblade eating and on at least one occasion a spectator took a blade from him and put it in his own mouth! Talk about trust... or was it just alcohol? You'll have to read Brendan's blog because I'm sure he'll have a full run-down of the "Horror Night" very soon.

Can you believe people are still leaving it to the last minute to book their entertainment? Last week Sue-Anne had a lady call on Wednesday to book her for a show on Thursday... and someone who saw her on Thursday called on Friday wanting her to do a show next week!

Off to Sydney today for another Christmas party, then it's one final very busy week before a break before New Year's Eve.. phew!