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Another busy weekend

Hocus Pocus Official Opening - Tuesday

The Hocus Pocus exhibition at the City Museum continues to get some great publicity through it's media partner 'The Age'. A big feature with pictures of Alma and Thurston appeared, spread over two Thurston pages. in the A2 section of yesterday's Saturday Age filled with quotes from "acting president' of the Australian Society of Magicians Nicholas Johnson.

Also interviewed was the creator of one of the exhibition's centre-pieces, a 'Pepper's Ghost' illusion. It's great that the public will again be able to see this classic in action.

The official opening is on Tuesday night at 6pm and, judging from the invitation I received a few weeks ago, it looks like it's going to be an event not to be missed! Frank Van Stratten, from the Performing Arts Museum, will be opening the exhibition, and I'm sure Nicholas Johnson will be saying a few words as well.