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Hocus Pocus - starts Saturday


The Hocus Pocus Exhibition opens on Saturday at The City Museum, and this morning's AGE features a big story on Gerald Taylor and his involvement in putting the exhibit together. 

It's a good article and it concentrates on the "Golden Age of Magic" between 1850-1950, which is what the exhibition is based around.

The curator, Simon Gregg said "I've been blown away by how many of the greatest magicians of all time actually came to Melbourne."

Gerald Taylor agrees that the golden days of magic in Melbourne have passed, but says the industry is alive and well and adapting to the times.

I agree the industry is alive and well, but I don't think the golden days of magic have passed. Just take a look at this list of great magicians who've visited our shores since the 1970s:

  • David Copperfield

  • Henry Evans

  • Aldo Colombini

  • Norbert Ferre

  • Lee Eun Gyeol

  • Jeff McBride

  • Gaeton Bloom

  • Shoot Ogawa

  • Shawn Farquhar

  • Lennart Green

  • Jeff Hobson

  • Mark Wilson

  • Dai Vernon

  • Jade

  • Robert Gallup

  • Rudy Coby

  • Magic Christian

  • Moi Yo Miller

  • David Malek

  • Marc DeSouza

  • James Randi

  • Uri Geller

  • Ricky Jay

  • Jerry Sadowitz

  • Paul Zenon

  • Doc Eason

  • Gene Anderson

  • Tommy Wonder

  • Tom Ogden

  • Ali Bongo

  • David Nixon

  • David Williamson

  • Bob Sheets

  • Daryl

  • Mike Close

  • Mac King

  • Max Maven

  • Marc Salem

  • Alan Shaxon

  • Dale Salwak

  • Trevor Lewis

  • Joe Labero

  • Terry Seabrooke

  • Petrick & Mia

  • Guy Bavli

  • Guy Hollingworth

  • Pat Page

  • Micky Hades

  • Rovi

  • Boris Wild

  • David Stone

  • The Flicking Fingers

  • Eugene Burger

  • John Carney

  • Alain Nu

  • Chad Long

  • Karrell Fox

  • Dick & Diana Zimmerman

and I'm sure many, many more.. feel free to add to the list.

I think the 'Golden Age' may have changed, but it hasn't ended.