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The present and the past

After Sue-Anne and I got back from our respective gigs last night I was browsing the net when I came across two interesting articles that I'm pretty sure none of our blog readers would have seen before.

Cos First, one about Cosentino, who has just completed a national tour of theatres throughout Australia will his major stage illusion show 'Threshold'. This article was the cover story on the inflight magazine of Tiger Airways back in July. Very interesting story and some good pics too.

Then this one was a great surprise...


If that name means nothing to you, don't bother clicking the link, but if you were in magic in the 1970's and early 80's, or if you attended the 1980 national magic convention at the Southern Cross Hotel and remember an artist who nearly burned the hotel down... who performed on the public show where he was just as enthusiastically applauded by half the crowd as the other half booed and hissed... then take a look at this little gem of inside information I stumbled across last night dedicated to the mad man of magic Geoff Crozier.

Plus, here's a mini-bio I found too.

And if the article makes you curious... I've even found two clips of Crozier in action.

Prepare yourself..




(The only other known record of Crozier in action was a documentary filmed by Phil Noyce in 1971 called 'Good Afternoon'.)