I didn't make it!
Dennis Kale

To those people who thought I was over-reacting

With the post I wrote on November 20 'Yes I'm cheesed off' some people left comments saying that I should "get real" and it didn't really matter. We just received a feedback form from the agent where the client complained that I "did quite a few of the same tricks as Matt Hollywood who we had last year." Their feeling - "Not good."

We will most likely be never booked by that client again as a result of this. As one person commented on the "cheesed off" post, maybe that's Matt's goal.

So again I say why do the same tricks you KNOW your colleagues/competitors are doing in the same market? I really hope Matt gets similar feedback when he entertains groups who've seen me before. Maybe then he'd wake up to himself and add something of his own to his show.