The Stardock Magic Awards 2008
Levitating Water

Welcome to our new readers

Over the last week or two I've noticed a rapid increase in the readership of this blog. On Wednesday we hit a new record with 1,729 hits in one day, so someone out there must find us interesting!

For those who've just discovered us, this blog has been going since May 2005 (you can check out the archives HERE) and we've had 1,376 posts and well over 2,000 comments... so get a comfy chair if you feel like exploring!

The blog is primarily an online diary of what we get up to in our day to day lives as magicians, things that catch my interest, movie reviews and opinions. The fact that people seem to visit day after day never ceases to amaze us.. but we are grateful!

Not everyone agrees with everything I say, nor should they. Sue-Anne's voice is heard quite a lot in the comments, and often she disagrees with me too but, whether it's a movie opinion, a comment about ethics in magic, or just someone wanting a soapbox, we usually publish the comments you send in because we believe everyone has a right to their opinion. (As we've discovered, there are usually about 36 sides to every argument too!)

This blog is not like the old 'Australian Magic Monthly' I used to crank out every month to service the magic community... for nine years... nine looong years...   (well ten years if you count AMM 2000 but I did have Sue-Anne as co-editor then so it wasn't nearly as hard). Instead of being structured with regular features, guest columnists or who's on listings, the blog is eclectic, rambling and unpredictable.

So if you want to find out what's happening in the world of Aussie magic, clubs, shows, lectures etc, you're best to go to this site instead).

If you're happy to explore then welcome. We hope you enjoy the ride!