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Am I the only one who finds this odd?

Magic Magazines... will they disappear?

Here is a question to all of you magicians and magic fans out there:

As you are aware, there are many magic magazines out there including -

Mar05  MAGIC

Cover.april.2005-thumb  GENII

MUM-Magazine  MUM

Linking ring   LINKING RING

M-magician-magazine-houdini-issue  MAGICIAN

Ms19coverl MAGIC SEEN

My question is, do you still subscribe to any of them, and if not why?

Do you buy the odd issue from a magic shop if it catches your attention, or do you take advantage of Magic Magazine's new month-by-month subscription?

Or, at the other extreme, what about the Genii Magazine lifetime subscription offer?

Do you prefer the more visual DVD format of Reel Magic Magazine?

Do you get enough Magic News from the web with sites like iTricks, Magic Newswire and Inside Magic?

Do you keep up with everything in Forums like Genii, Magic Cafe, Magic Bunny?

Is the Magic NZ Ezine enough for you?

In this age of instant news, are magazines too slow in their reporting, or are they still worth it for the articles, tricks and ads?

Are Magic Magazines on the way out... or do you think they'll be around for a long time yet?