The Plasma TV Story
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I went to Mid City TV Repairs and met The Plasma Professor

So today I decided to stop in and visit Mid City TV repairs (aka The Plasma Professor). After my phone conversation with them yesterday. They had told me they were just waiting on the part to arrive from "the company" to finish the repair, but I realised I didn't have any paperwork... and I haven't seen my poor TV for such a long time I figured it would appreciate a familiar face staring at it again.

So, after reading all the hype about how they are "The #1 TV Repairer in Australia" (hmmm lots of googleads filled with over hyped claims about being the best... there are people like that in every industry aren't they) I decided to pay a visit to this mecca of electronic repairs.


Mid City TV Repairs national headquarter at 419 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.


Take one step inside the door and this is what you see:


Mid City TV repairs reception and sales area.

The owner (the Plasma Professor himself) recognised me at once (he's the one who picked the TV up way back on December 1 - I just found the very dodgy "invoice" he gave me. The cost of the quote was actually $85)

He said he was glad I came in as he wanted to show me my TV. Yes, it was there on the bench, lying face down with it's guts hanging out. He said there was nothing they could do for it and he asked what I'd like to do.

I explained I'd called yesterday and been told they were just waiting on a part.

Yes they were, The Professor agreed, but the part isn't made anymore, but when they get it it will just take half an hour and the TV will be fixed.

I explained they'd told me that same (contradictory) story almost two months ago, why have I been waiting so long, if they couldn't fix it why didn't they tell me earlier.

He said they got busy and he forgot about the TV. But recently they'd pulled it out and they even went to Jaycar Electronics in the city to try to get a replacement part.

Why did they tell me yesterday they were just waiting for "the company" to send them a part? He said "We are". "But we must wash our hands of this TV as we cannot fix it."

So why didn't he call me between mid-December and the start of February to tell me they couldn't fix the TV - "I didn't call because I didn't have any good news for you. But it's good that you came in because we can finally sort this out."

I said that if I had believed the person on the phone yesterday I wouldn't have come in I would have been waiting for a call back from them... forever.

"So we can put the TV back together for you and you can take it home." he said, he even offered me the faulty part so that I could find the replacement and, he added, "then we can repair it."

I explained that I really didn't think the situation was very good. They'd had my TV for almost two months, knowing they couldn't get the replacement part, telling me they could, forgetting about the repair, and not calling me at any stage to tell me what was going on.

His diplomatic answer: "It's not my fault."

So, essentially my plasma broke and I paid this guy $85 to take it away, the end.

"I'll call you" I said, walking out of the shop. The nutty Professor followed me and called after me down the street "What do you want to do?!"

"I'll call you" I repeated... adding to myself "When I have some good news."