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My last day in Taiwan was spent at the Star Television studios.

I got picked up from the hotel early in the morning and taken across town to the studio where 'MAGIC', Taiwan's top rating weekly TV show is filmed. The studio was huge with dozens of people on set working hard to prepare for the filming of two episodes.


It was quite an amazing scene with at least a dozen other magicians from all over Asia (including one of Lee Eun-Gyeol's students) preparing their routines for the show.

The host, filling in for magician Lu Chen, was a famous TV personality, and there was a panel of Taiwanese celebrities on hand to watch, and comment on, the magic. There was even a live band, wh basically provided rim shots to the many funny comments.

What got me most was the huge respect that everyone on set had for magic. When I filmed 'Runaround Sue', the director thought he got a flash of something he shouldn't, so we reshot rather than run the chance of exposing when the show went to air.

I performed 'The Six Card Rap' and 'Runaround Sue' (both requested) as well as a close up set featuring 'Ring Link', 'Broken and Restored Rubber Band' and '7D'.

Happily, they were thrilled with my style of magic, the host even called me back after 'Runaround Sue' and said it was "The best ever".The show goes to air tomorrow in Taiwan and should end up on YouTube soon after that.