When in Rome...
Versatile Master Magicians in Shenzhen


The Melbourne Comedy Festival is almost over and it looks like magic has been well acquitted. Of the five, very different and unique magic shows offered on this year's program, all have enjoyed unprecedented success.

Philip Escoffey (UK) with 'Six Impossible Things Before Dinner' is enjoying excellent reviews, sold out houses and has even added extra performances.

James Galea (NSW) with 'I Hate Rabbits' is getting enthusiastic reviews for his long season at the Forum theatre.

Raymond Crowe (SA) in 'Raymond Crowe Live'  playing at The Atheneaum is getting excellent reviews.

Ashley Barnett (VIC) enjoyed six sold out houses with his show 'Dwayne Robbins Inspiration Hour' and got a great review from 'The Groggy Squirrel'.

PiP Comic Magician (NSW) got a very good review today in the Herald Sun for his show 'Hypnolarious' playing at Fix at the Docklands.

Once the Comedy Festival ends, there's nothing on the radar until Melbourne Magic Festival time. Hopefully those who've enjoyed magic shows this month will venture out again and explore more of the many and varied styles magic has to offer.