A night at The MagicCastle
Anthony DeMasi on TV tomorrow

MagicSports on 'MagicTV'

Years ago, we used to run 'Melbourne's Magic Nights' (which later became AIM - The Australian Institute of Magic) and we used to do all manner of odd things at these monthly events. They were almost like mini-magic conventions.

One night Joe brought a crew in from Channel 31 to do some filming for a project called 'Magic TV'.

Here's some clips of Mat Unwin calling me up to do some spontaneous MagicSports. The game is 'Make A Trick', where I'm given three objects and I have to create a trick using all three. (I'll be playing this game nightly in my show 'AspyCadabra' at The Melbourne Magic Festival.)

For the trivia-minded, this was shot on the same night we filmed a lot of the scenes for our DVD '24 Years of Living Next Door to Ellis'.


If you'd like to see more clips from the 'MagicTV' project, go to Joe's YouTube channel HERE