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Qantas baggage mystery solved

Thanks to the Frequent Flyer Newsletter, my question from a few weeks ago about Qantas and their baggage changes has now been lifted. It's going to make it much harder for us magicians to fly around the country with our shows from now on.

I predict a whole new era of mentalism!


Less is more on Qantas domestic flights with Qantas passengers now facing fees if baggage is more than 23 kilograms.  The move to reduce domestic baggage allowance from 32 kilograms to 23 kilograms is in line with new international standards.

Travellers will now be charged up to $10 for each kilogram over 23 kilograms.  Under the old system there was no charge for up to 32 kilograms.  The premium class baggage allowance will be reduced by 2kg to 30kg.

On international services, the allowance for economy and premium economy passengers will be lifted from 20kg to 23kg.  On a Melbourne-London flight, the excess charge will be $50 a kilo while the excess fee on some Asian services will be $35 a kilo. 

The decreasing baggage allowance and increasing penalty for overweight baggage means it’s time to put some of our members TRIED AND TESTED TIPS for reducing weight into action.

A lighter Bag means lighter luggage
Cases can weigh as much as 5 kilograms so it is only logical to consider investing in some lightweight yet durable luggage.

Ditch the Shoe Addiction
Shoes are heavy, therefore try to avoid carrying more than one pair and wear the heaviest pair on the plane.

Books on Board
Carrying a hard paperback under the arm is a perfect means to reduce unnecessary weight.

Duplicate your Dress
If your place of origin is a location you travel to frequently, try to duplicate your belongings and keep a permanent set of some items (such a toiletries/ clothes) with a friend/ relative.

Finally, consider purchasing a Digital Luggage Scale.  By knowing the weight of your luggage before you leave for the airport, you can avoid excess luggage charges. See example of DIGITAL SCALES available for about $40.