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Versatile Master Magicians in Shenzhen

The pre-FISM touring show has been a big success through China. Here's what they said on the FISM web site here.

After the successful show in the first stop Dongguan, the five magicians hurried to Shenzhen in the next morning. The schedule in Shenzhen was very tight and the first night we arrived there was a show. After a short break, magicians came to Shenzhen Poly Theater in the center of Nanshan District, Shenzhen led by working staff. The theater looked like a ball with a glass-surface. Under the sunshine, it was quite bright. All the magicians exclaimed in the same breath, ‘how beautiful!’ ‘What a fantastic theater!’ Given their respective dressing rooms, the magicians entered the rooms, taking a rest and preparing for the rehearsal. Soon, the jingling piano drifted from one of the dressing rooms. Entering the room, we found it was magician Miguel Puga from Spain who was playing the piano. Along with his fingers moving across the keyboard, a lively tune flowed from the fingers. He did deserve the master magician who came from enthusiastic Spain and even his piano was so catching. Miguel Puga’s piano seemed to arouse the passions of others and after the one ended, magician Henry Evans from Argentina sit in the front of the piano in high spirits. His piano was different from Miguel Puga’s. His tune was more melodious and even with sort of grief. According to his own introduction, this was a tune made by him when he was nineteen and after so many years he could still remember it clearly. At this moment, Henry was not the ‘mysterious card player’ winning countless awards with his exquisite craftsmanship keeping smiling all day long but a dedicated pianist drowned in the ocean of music. It was never thought besides superb skills these master magicians had respectively their own elegant talents. We really impressed by the charms of these masters.
Still the show in the evening was successful. Screams, sheers and applause lasted until the end of the show. I noticed by chance that after each master finished his own act they would came to the front of the monitor in the background as if by prior agreement and watched the others’ acts. They would exchange the idea in low voice and finally encouraged each other. After the show, the masters would exchange the performing feeling with each other, raising suggestions or giving a summary. Maybe this was the reason that they could win kinds of awards and make their career evergreen which was non-stopping learning, especially from others and keeping modest and prudent. And this was also which Chinese magicians had to learn.
In the front of the stage, enthusiastic audience wouldn’t leave for a long time. Flashes were on and flowers were around and we believed that tomorrow the show would be more successful.