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Airfare or not so fair?

I saw an ad in The Herald Sun for Flight Centre.

Return flights from Melbourne, Australia to San Francisco, USA for only $895. Pretty amazing. What was even more amazing was the price to travel Business Class on the same plane - $6889.

So, for the price of a small car, you could instead have a wider, reclining seat and nicer meals for 12 hours or so?

The same went for other destinations:

  • Hawaii $1075 vs $5725

  • Los Angeles $969 vs $5369

  • Paris $1725 vs $5059

  • Bejing $915 vs 3975

I'm amazed that, in these times of KFC (sorry, GFC) people still have money to throw away like that.

Oh, and First Class from Melbourne to San Francisco..?

On the same flight some people are paying $895 you can pay anything from $15,420 to $33,723