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Airfare or not so fair?

I saw an ad in The Herald Sun for Flight Centre.

Return flights from Melbourne, Australia to San Francisco, USA for only $895. Pretty amazing. What was even more amazing was the price to travel Business Class on the same plane - $6889.

So, for the price of a small car, you could instead have a wider, reclining seat and nicer meals for 12 hours or so?

The same went for other destinations:

  • Hawaii $1075 vs $5725

  • Los Angeles $969 vs $5369

  • Paris $1725 vs $5059

  • Bejing $915 vs 3975

I'm amazed that, in these times of KFC (sorry, GFC) people still have money to throw away like that.

Oh, and First Class from Melbourne to San Francisco..?

On the same flight some people are paying $895 you can pay anything from $15,420 to $33,723

Two new Ellis & Webster DVDs

Volume1-Coversmall   Volume2-Coversmall

We are thrilled to FINALLY have released TWO new DVDs featuring our most requested tricks. Each DVD contains over an hour of magic including several tricks you can do!

The DVDs are only $19.95 each - postage included! and available BY CLICKING HERE - or you'll be able to pick up a copy for only $15 at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

What's on them? Let's take a look:


Multiplying Mobile Phones
Credit Card Fax
Flame To Rose
Ultimate Blades
Double Your Money
Thimble Finger
Jazz Cards
Linking Rings
Cash to Credit Card
Rising Broomstick
Shakespeare’s Monte
Appearing Cards
Bill to Anything
The Ring That Goes Up
Chainsawing In Half

The Six Card Rap

Three Card Monte
Question Cards
Triple Outcome
Do As I Do



Freddy Kruger Kard Stab
Coins Across
Hi Tek Deck
Rubber Band Penetration
Rubber Band Restoration
Restored Money
The Card Dream
Big Deal - Blackjack
Mind Reading
The Six Card Rap Dance Mix
The Can Trick

I Dream of Jeannie Act

Slap Some Cents
Feel It Go
Spoon Bending
Squeeze Zit
Pennies From Heaven
The Coin In The Funnel

They've done it!


FISM Beijing has just announced they've reached 2,000 Registrants.

Quite an amazing feat in this time of global recession.

There's been a lot of discussion about how Beijing are going to present this World Championship event - whether they'll be able to live up to the FISM standards, surpass them, or simply give us a week of Chinese cultural displays instead.

In 41 days FISM begins and 2,000 magicians from all over the world are going to find out! (And over 30 of them are from Australia!)

If you can't make it to FISM this time, we'll try to keep you informed with daily updates right here on this blog, so stay tuned!

Darren Carr is coming to town

Darren Carr is the funniest and the best ventriloquist in Australia.

In a few weeks you get the chance to see him perform here in Melbourne at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

Darren is performing two shows only on Saturday July 4 at 1.30pm he brings a mix of magic, puppets and ventriloquism in his family show 'D C & WARREN'S MAGIC THINGO'


and at 9.00pm that night you can see his comedy ventriloquism show 'DARREN CARR - STAND UP VENTRILOQUIST'.

Darren Carr

Both shows are exceptional value for money - priced at just $10 per ticket!!!

Book now by visiting