Sue-Anne Webster's FISM Report 2009 - Close Up Magic Competition
Okay... you win

FISM 2009 - Final Scores

These are supposed to be posted first on the FISM website, but for some reason they have appeared on a South Korean website called 'Hello Magic', so I assume someone at FISM has decided to release them.

Here are the scores of all acts at FISM 2009

Special Awards and Total scores of all contestants

Creativity & Artistic Vision Jim Steinmeyer (USA)
History, Research & ScholarshipBill Kalush (USA)
Theory & Philosophy Juan Tamariz (Spain)

FISM World Championships of Magic
MOST ORIGINAL ACT:Charming Choi - Republic of Korea  
INVENTION:Jorge Luengo - Spain

General Magic
Soma Hungary 81(1st Prize + GRAND PRIX STAGE MAGIC 2009)
Ma Yanyan China 72 (2nd Prize)
Siebensinn Austria 71 (3rd Prize)
Xavier Tapias Spain 70
Qu Lei China 69
Sergey Yanpolskiy Russian Federation 68
Latko Argentina 67
Mayuko Japan 63
Jae Hoon Lim Republic of Korea 63  
Ernesto Italy 62
Duo Kybalion Spain 61
Red Hat Republic of Korea 60 
Liao Xiaorun China 60
Jeff Lee Taiwan 60
Andost USA 60
Artyom Shchukin Russian Federation 58
Avon Lee Hong Kong 56
The Tramp Switzerland 55
PJ Wen Taiwan 55
Jiang Qiwei China 55
Naka Kyosuke Japan 55
Kenneth Chan Hong Kong 54
Akua Shin Japan 53
Leriko Russian Federation 52
Martino Greece 50

Yo Kato Japan 80 (1st Prize tie)
Han Seol-Hui Republic of Korea 80
(1st Prize tie)
Sebastian Nicolas Germany 78 
An Ha Lim Republic of Korea 77  
(3rd Prize)
Hyun-Joon Kim Republic of Korea 74 
Jordan Gomez France 70
Liu Mingya China 70
Maia Jiang China 69
Liu Zihao China 63
Dion The Netherlands 63
Zhang Chao China 61
Hugues Protat France 58
Alan Taiwan 55
Serge Fergini Russian Federation 51
Masahiko Matsuda Japan 51

Stage Illusions
Julius Frack Germany 80 (1st Prize)
Magic Sky Group China 72 (2nd Prize)
Bo Wen China 59
JeiMin Republic of Korea 55 
Wang Qimo China 54

Mental Magic
Nicolai Friedrich Germany 70 (2nd Prize, tie)
Rob & Emiel The Netherlands 70 (2nd Prize, tie)
Tony Montana Argentina 67(3rd Prize)
Jorge Luengo Spain 63 (Invention)

Comedy Magic
Brynolf & Ljung Sweden 72(2nd Prize)
Cheffmagic Denmark 67 (3rd Prize)
Roman Burenkov Russian Federation 52

Card magic
Shawn Farquhar Canada 81(1st Prize + GRAND PRIX CLOSE-UP MAGIC 2009)
Kristian Nivala Finland 77(2nd Prize)
Olmac France 76 (3rd Prize)
Min Hyung Kim- Republic of Korea 68 
Ryu Hyun Min - Republic of Korea 66 
Dai Hewga Japan 65
Giacomo de Carlo Italy 62
Christian Bierbrauer Germany 62
Sho Arai Japan 59
Martin Lübcke Germany 58
Kif China-Hong Kong 57
Lv Siyuan China 55
Ramon Rioboo Spain 53
Sito Qirong China 52

Micro Magic
Vittorio Belloni Italy 73(2nd Prize)
Simon Coronel Australia 72(3rd Prize, tie)
Johan Ståhl Sweden 72 (3rd Prize, tie)
Mago Bruno Peru 70
Jaque Spain 69
Satoru Japan 65
Daly Tang Hong Kong 64
Shota Japan 62
Rune Norway 56
Shunya Okuno Japan 55
Katsuya Matsuda Japan 53

Parlour Magic
Marc Oberon England 81 (1st Prize)
Charlie Caper Sweden 75 (2nd Prize)
Latko Argentina 73 (3rd Prize)
Charming Choi Republic of Korea 71 (Most Original Act) 
Shohei Komoriya Japan 67
Yves Doumergue France 65
Jeremy Pei Singapore 63
Mago Larry Argentina 55
Rod Chow Canada 53