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Copperfield in Melbourne

Melbourne to Sydney

With airfares so low I'm flying up to Sydney in October to do a show and it's $140 return. Amazing.

But next week we have some illusion shows to do so we decided it would be cheap enough to hire a van and drive up, as opposed to two airfares and freight costs (which would be about $650).

Hi-ace van

We contacted a few car hire firms (Budget, Thrifty, Europcar etc) and the lowest quote was over $1,000. Extra costs of about $30 a day to reduce the insurance excess to only $1,000. Plus petrol of course...

The problem is the kilometres. You only get 100kms a day and extra kms are charged at 25c each. Melbourne to Sydney is about 1200kms each way.

How weird that it's cheaper to fly than drive nowdays...

This didn't make any sense to me at all so, after wasting so much time AGAIN I Googled "Unlimited Kilometres" and discovered another option.


A Campervan is the same vehicle, fitted out with beds, kitchen etc but still enough room to take what we need. (Just!)

But, you get unlimited kilometres, a much cheaper daily rental rate, and you can drop the insurance excess from $1,000 all the way down to nil.

You do need to book the van for a minimum of seven days, but total cost ends up being only $420.

And if we really wanted to save money, we wouldn't need accommodation either!  

So if you're planning on taking a lot of gear interstate for a show, give the commercial van rental companies a miss and try a campervan.

Or just fly and book road freight... (it's much quicker and I think it still ends up a little cheaper.)