PS: Hanky Panky
FISM is the place to be...

Why is this guy back so soon?

Was it because the anonymous Cardman predicted it saying on his lovely blog "He will be back"?

Was it because Mago Mishell from Hermosillo in Mexico (writing as Mago Parra, Copefield and many other aliases) pleaded with me to come back so he could have "more fun"?
Was it because I have more to say on the Russ Stevens vs Shawn Farquhar debate?


It was because of the incredible support and words of encouragement I received here in the comments section, and in private emails to me. 

Yes, it hurts if someone you know and respect criticises you. Thankfully that hasn't happened in this case.

Instead I've been attacked by several anonymous bloggers (and one who at least has the courage to use his real name) because I didn't agree that Shawn Farquhar stole Russ Stevens act (and remember, I am only one of seven judges).

Everyone has now had their say and, if Russ truly feels Shawn has stolen his act (or his premise) then he needs to contact FISM and make a formal complaint, just as Ayala did last FISM regarding Sittah's use of one of his illusions.

So once again, thank you for helping me see the big picture. As entertainers we know how easy it is to get distracted by the one sour face in the audience... and you end up directing all your energy to them, trying to get them to like your show... then the rest of the audience who wants to see you misses out.

So.... here we go again!