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Wow! At well over 10,000 views the BANNED FROM BLACKPOOL thread on the Genii Forum must be the most read magic thread of all time... and it shows no sign of stopping!

The last half of page three will be of interest to Australian viewers as Australian Society of Magicians President Nick Morton addresses the issue of him banning me from the club and all of its affiliated events. (Still waiting on Nick's reply to my email as to whether Sue-Anne is banned as well).

The most recent twist in the saga is that comments made by Paul Daniels in this thread about staging FISM at Blackpool were picked up by the mainstream media in the UK and Derek Lever, who had remained silent on the banning issue, chose to respond to the press calling Paul a 'c-list celebrity' and, while pointing out that no-one is banned from Blackpool FISM, said Paul is not invited to attend.

The Blackpool Gazette has also picked up the story, and if you look through the comments section you'll see residents and past-residents debating as to whether the town of Blackpool really is as "rough, tasteless, bawdy and scruffy" as Paul said.