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Here's a difficult choice for magicians looking to buy a 

This effect was brought out by Mikame Craft some time ago and retails for $99:

"A Switching Mechanism Beyond Your Imagination! 

A Masterpiece from the late Eric Lewis with limited production by Mentalist Al Koran, under the name 'Savoy'. Mikame Craft improved the handling and mechanism for a straight forward magic effect. Show a beautiful wooden stand with a large opening similar to a Pagoda House. 

In FULL view is a heart shaped locket on a chain hanging down. In the locket is a written prediction. 

Ask three random audience members to call out a single digit number, giving you a three digit number.Write this 3 digit number down in the note pad, have another audience member hold the pad. 

You lift the chain on the locket NEVER touching the locket itself. Have ANY audience member open the locket and read your prediction inside, which MATCHES the random number called out! 

Mr. Mikame's routine is a mentalism prediction. However, you can use a vanished Ring or even a marked coin as well. This is extremely impressive magic!" 

And now Daytona Magic have brought out something that does the same thing, looks remarkably similar, and costs $150.