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Getaways Downunder, Victorian Tourism Centre etc etc

We are STILL receiving emails from people being scammed by these fake holiday travel vouchers (and we are STILL getting faxes from the same companies offering them to us!)

The real question is - WHY isn't OUR government doing ANYTHING to protect us from them or, better still, CLOSE THEM DOWN? They've now been operating for several years and no doubt the ACCC, ASIC and SCAMWATCH have been innundated with complaints (as has the real Victorian Tourism Centre) but still NOTHING has been done.

At least in New Zealand, where these scams also occur, they warned consumers with a press article about it back in 2008 -  CLICK HERE TO READ.

The government can't claim ignorance about these voucher scams, they even explain how they work here on the SCAMWATCH website, but despite their request that we report the matter to the ACCC - STILL NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO STOP THEM!

Getaways Downder, Make My Holidays, Freedom Escapes, etc... are STILL in business, still flogging useless holiday vouchers by fax and though Scamwatch knows exactly what's going on the ACCC lets them continue undeterred.