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To clear things up

Apparently Joey Presto was upset that I published the picture of him and I in the exact same outfit on my blog. He and his friend Jack said it was "childish". I don't know why. I wasn't accusing him of copying my outfit. 

But yesterday Joey created a photo montage of several of his friends wearing the blue jacket and emailed it to them with the text 'Bizarro Tims. Harrassing a State near you' and 'Will you be next?'

Needless to say, I wasn't pleased at the insinuation that I was "harrassing him". So to set the record straight, for anyone who thinks Joey Presto has copied by "look", here is the complete history of the Blue Jacket.

Joey Presto and Tim Ellis and other magicians


Pak For those magicians who use doves or exaotic birds in their acts, may I introduce you to Pak-o-Bird - a range of back packs and soft carriers designed specifically for transporting birds in a practical and enjoyable way. 

Pictured is the medium sized Pak we just bought to take our Rainbow Lorikeets out in. They're not part of the show, but they do enjoy a change of scenery and a bit of fresh air now and then.

You can read about Pak-o-Bird's full range of products here, (they also have carriers for dogs and cats), and if you're in Australia you can order them from My Parrot Shop.

Melbourne Magic Festival 2010 - Complete List of Shows





AIM Close Up Magic Gala Show

7.30pm – Tue, July 6



AIM Stage Magic Gala Show

7.30pm – Tue, June 29



An Active Imagination

11.00am & 2.30pm – Sat, July 3



Chicago Tommy: The Suspension of Disbelief

7.30pm – Sun, July 4



Ellis & Webster Escape From Reality

7.30pm – Wed to Sat, July 7, 8, 9, 10



Illusion & Delusion

9.00pm – Tue to Sat, Jul 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



Illusionarium 2010

11.00am – Mon to Sat, June 28 to July 3 and July 5 to July 10



International Magic Gala

9.00pm – Wed to Sat, July 7, 8, 9, 10



Kobi’s Magical Menagerie

11.00am – Mon to Fri, June 28 to July 2



Luigi Zucchini: Spaghetti, Spaghetti

2.30pm – Mon & Tue, July 5 & 6



Mada vs Vegas: The Dueling Magicians

9.00pm – Sun & Mon, July 4 & 5



Magic and Stuff

7.30pm – Tue June 29, Sun July 4, Mon July 5, Tue July 6

2.00pm – Sun July 4



Magic Tony: Cartoon Hero

2.30pm – Wed to Fri, July 8, 9, 10



Scamtastic 2: Monkey Trouble

9.00pm - Wed to Sat, June 30, Jul 1, 2, 3



Section 9

7.30pm – Mon, June 28



Simon Coronel: Manipulations

9.00pm – Wed to Sat, June 30 to July 3 & July 7 to July 10



Thank God You’re Hypnotised

9.00pm - Fri & Sat, July 2 & 3



The Genesis

7.30pm – Wed to Sat, June 30 to July 3



The Massive Little Magic Show

11.00am & 2.00pm – Sunday, July 4



Tim Credible’s Magic Show

2.00pm – Mon to Fri, June 28 to July 2



Two Out Of a Hat

11.00am – Mon to Fri, July 5 to 9



We’re On A Mission With Kikkii The Klown

2.00pm – Mon to Fri, July 5 to 9





Kids Magic Workshop

1pm - Sat, July 3



Trick or Treat Magic School

12.30pm - Mon to Fri, June 28 to July 2 & July 5 to July 9



Sleight of hand: Learn it the John Fung way

4.30pm – Sat, July 3



Close Up Magic for Beginners (Adults)

7.30pm – Mon, July 5







Australian Junior Close Up Magic Championships

3.30pm – Sat, July 3



Australian Junior Stage Magic Championships

3.30pm – Sat, July 10


The BIG Announcement

Here it is - the biggest magic competition ever staged in Oceania and it's officially happening next year - with a prize pool of over $8,000.

Have you ever dreamed of representing your country at the FISM World Championships of Magic?

Well this is your opportunity - take a look at the announcement by the President of The Australian Institute of Magic here and start preparing!

Arrived in Hong Kong

We've arrived safely in Hong Kong and are in a beautiful hotel room, but I have to say I'm not in a rush to fly Qantas internationally again.

It's been a while since we flew overseas with them and, though the flight was fine, their standards seem to have dropped dramatically. 


Qantas has always trumpeted it's award-winning in flight movie selection. Normally we get set for a non-stop marathon of latest release movies. Not this time. Though there certainly is an extensive selection of movies and TV shows, there was a distinct lack of "latest releases". We both chose to sleep instead.


The less said the better. Sue-Anne tried the "healthy" option of the vegetarian meal, but it consisted of a very limp salad she thought must have been a week old, some rice and beans, and some hard old melons.

I chose the chicken and rice, which also came with a salad. The salad was inedible (though Sue-Anne said it look much better than hers) and the chicken was mostly fat coated in sauce and the rice was cold. 

I didn't bother with breakfast. Sue-Anne did, but she regretted it.

Whatever happened to the Neil Perry gourmet meals Qantas used to be so proud of?

Or even freshness?

Only a year or so ago I remember the staff serving us ice creams and treat packs throughout the night.


Now the only pack we get is the toiletry pack. This used to be a branded kit with a comb or brush, socks, some sprays or lotions, a toothbrush, a sample size of Macleans toothpaste, maybe a razor, a blindfold and ear plugs all in a nice toiletries case you can keep and use later. (We have dozens at home we still use to keep small props in).

Look at what we got this time...

Qantas Gifts

A cheap plastic ziplock back with a blindfold that smells like weird plastic and the thinnest, cheapest looking toothbrush with a tiny tube in no-name paste. I've seen better (and bigger) toothbrushes made for children to use on dolls!

And yes, the plane was generally untidy with the inflight magazines in my pocket looking dog-eared and covered in scribbling from a previous child passenger.

We used to always travel Qantas. But since they've made it much harder to accrue or cash-in frequent flyer points, and they obviously aren't making any effort with their inflight services, we'll give all the other airlines a try from now on.

It will be very interesting to see what V Australia comes up with when we fly to the USA next month.