Last night at Denny & Lee's
After it's FFFF debut - BEHIND THE MAGIC

Travel update

After our visit to Denny & Lee's, Sue-Anne and I lectured for the Long Island Mystics and the Parsippany club in New Jersey and had a lot of fun at both events. (First time we've ever lectured in front of a camel too!)

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Now we're here at FFFF and last night Shawn Farquhar (filling in for Nicholas Einhorn who couldn't make it due to some volcano somewhere....) gave the opening lecture and was very well received. He had some extremely innovative idea which were eagerly snapped up during the sales session after his presentation.

Now it's the morning of the first full day of FFFF events and it kicks off with a lecture at 11am by Antonio Romero. 

By the way, this is the 40th anniversary of FFFF and they've gone all out with an amazing array of goodies and souvenirs PLUS they've promised surprises galore over the next few days as tribute to the Head Forker himself, our guest of honour, Obie O'Brien