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V Australia & US Airlines

We flew over to the USA on the new airline V Australia. We usually fly Qantas but, since they seem to be doing everything they can to discourage our loyalty, we made the change.

I'm glad we did.

V Australia's service was exemplary, the plane was fresh and new with coloured, mood lighting and a light up sign telling us when we could use electronic equipment replacing the old no smoking sign.

It was a long flight from Sydney to Los Angeles and, sadly, they didn't give us any little prizes like toothbrushes or razors or anything. But they did give us eye masks, ear plugs and headsets in a variety of bright colours and towels that actually kept us warm and cosy. 

The meals were even yummy!

Travelling to the USA we had the "two bag per person" luggage allowance. We took three bags in total. However, as a warning to fellow Aussies heading over Stateside, once you are in the USA the domestic luggage allowance has completely changed.

You can take carry-on, but ANY additional bags cost money. You can take up to two per person at an average (depending on airline) of $25 per bag. PLUS you get up to 50 pounds per bag weight or you pay an extra $90 per bag! 

If, like us, your travel agent doesn't warn you about this you'll be in for a nasty shock. They charge for everything on the airlines over here now. Extra leg room seats and exit row seats, head phones, snacks, drink, videos or movies, and texting, phoning and wifi all come at extra costs so what ever you do DON'T fly without your credit card! (And I just heard that one airline is now charging for carry on bags too!) How do the American magicians cope getting from gig to gig...?