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Melbourne Cup Magic

Ellis & Webster returned to The Geelong Thoroughbred Racing Club after stunning the guests at last year's 'Horse of the Year' dinner. This time, their brief was to make The Melbourne Cup appear!


The Cup itself, weighing 4kgs and valued at $150,000, can only be touched while wearing gloves. So it was quite a challenge to come up with a way to make it appear out of nowhere - especially in an open dining room surrounded by guests! (Not to mention the Cup's security guard who looked very nervous all evening!)

After performing some magic with money and betting tickets and running a Fantasy Race Call in which the winner was correctly predicted, Tim and Sue-Anne uncovered a trestle table, walked all around it, showed underneath it and then put two mirrors on top of the table. A split second later, amid a shower of confetti, The Melbourne Cup appeared on the table in all its glory.

The reaction was tremendous and the guests, including past Cup winning jockeys and trainers, were very generous in their praise.