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Piranhas and leeches

When I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie PIRANHAS 3D, I thought... "Well, here's a movie that's so bad that even The Asylum couldn't rip it off." 

But then again, maybe it's so bad The Asylum rip off might even look good by comparison...

Other new films from The Asylum...





Advances in technology

Every day brings a new adventure.

We have a client who has booked a show, but paying for it has become quite a challenge.

The company no longer issues cheques - so that's not an option.

They can pay by direct deposit, but to do so would require us to fill out a series of detailed forms and applications to be registered as a supplier - so they'd prefer not to put us through that for a one-off.

They want to pay by credit card, so I offered PayPal, but they don't want to sign up for a PayPal account - so that's out.

Cash? Hmmm... I wonder if they even know what that is?

The Taxation Examiner

There's another telemarketing scam going around at the moment, and I'm sure many of you will have had a call from 'The Taxation Examiner'.


I got one the other day, with the caller insisting I need to subscribe to their newsletter because of the massive tax savings I'll be able to make. 

You can guess my response...

However, one person I know was more polite and agreed to receive their free information for consideration.

It arrived in the post and he put it aside to look at later. Later was about a month. When he opened it he discovered an invoice inside with a letter saying he had 14 days to assess the information and, if he didn't return it within two weeks, it meant that he agreed to subscribe for a year and needed to pay the invoice within 30 days.

This is a standard scam and just another idea why you should never be nice to telemarketers. 

Just to add confusion to the issue 'The Taxation Examiner' has a page on their website warning people about telemarketers claiming to be from their company... when they're not.

Very bizarre. Read the full explanation here and hang up on a telemarketer today!

They turned up!

If you remember this post where Optus seemed to be a little disorganised... you'll be pleased to know that the technician DID arrive yesterday between 8am and 12noon.

However, his visit proved just how disorganised Optus really is.

What had happened is that an Optus technician, over the phone, ran tests on each of the phone sockets in our house.

He established that ONE SOCKET seemed to have a fault, and would need a live service technician to turn up and look at it.

The technician did turn up and look at it, and said that - because they are only responsible for the first connection into the house - he couldn't do anything to fix it.

Okay... so if it was already established as a socket problem, why did I just wait all that time for someone to come over and tell me he couldn't do anything? Surely the Optus technician could have advised me over the phone.

Well, while he was here, another Optus technician phoned me to explain the problem... on behalf of the technician who was standing there in my house.

I explained to him that the person who arranged the initial appointment for the tech had done tests on the line and established which socket was faulty - and he explained that was impossible as there are no such tests.

So, I asked him, how does he explain that the "phantom tests" proved exactly what the live technician established?

He couldn't explain it but was adamant that such tests were simply impossible.

I seem to have encountered that rare gem a few weeks ago... an Optus worker who knew what he was doing. He fixed my internet speed issues (which other Optus reps denied were a problem), he isolated which socket was getting interference (which the Optus live tech agreed was the problem but couldn't do anything about), and he made an appointment for the tech to attend at a time that suited me (but the Optus "system" messed up and has no record of).

I guess his good work is making the other 99% of Optus look bad.

He's probably been sacked as a result.

Mentalist Peyman

I have mentioned this guy before, he floods my inbox with spam and once he starts spamming you it's impossible to get him to stop.

The magic Forums are filled with disappointed customers dating back from 2008, and his YouTube clips where he demonstrates his "latest innovations" look like bad jokes...

But every week I get more and more spam from him.

Has anyone EVER gotten off his email list?