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The Taxation Examiner

There's another telemarketing scam going around at the moment, and I'm sure many of you will have had a call from 'The Taxation Examiner'.


I got one the other day, with the caller insisting I need to subscribe to their newsletter because of the massive tax savings I'll be able to make. 

You can guess my response...

However, one person I know was more polite and agreed to receive their free information for consideration.

It arrived in the post and he put it aside to look at later. Later was about a month. When he opened it he discovered an invoice inside with a letter saying he had 14 days to assess the information and, if he didn't return it within two weeks, it meant that he agreed to subscribe for a year and needed to pay the invoice within 30 days.

This is a standard scam and just another idea why you should never be nice to telemarketers. 

Just to add confusion to the issue 'The Taxation Examiner' has a page on their website warning people about telemarketers claiming to be from their company... when they're not.

Very bizarre. Read the full explanation here and hang up on a telemarketer today!