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Very nice words from Mark Reed at 'The Magic Vault'

"To be truly professional and unique, you need to take those effects and turn them into something of your own. New patter, new handlings, new reveals... take the original and MAKE IT EVEN BETTER.

One example of this is the magician Tim Ellis. He does the cups and balls, the 6 card repeat, and many of the other "old classics".  HOWEVER - take some time and look at his performances on You Tube and you will see truly original creations. The effects are not the typical, watch the ball go from this cup to that cup... or the "how many cards do I have now? still six!!!" He took those effects and made them his own and in turn is seen as a truly entertaining ORIGINAL performer.

So ask yourself this - "How can I make this effect better and something people have not seen before?"

Your magic will only get better if you do..."

(From his latest newsletter)