A good business tip for Foxtel

Yesterday I got a few calls where there seemed to be no-one on the line. I called back a few times and the same thing happened. The number was 03 8235 0909 so I googled it and discovered it's a telemarketing number Foxtel has been using for over a year.

According to my research, they use a computer to call you and, if you call back, they now know the times you'll be home and when best to have a telemarketer call you.

Sure enough, today I got a call from Foxtel.

But here's the most ridiculous thing.

A month ago I called Foxtel to cancel my service. I explained they keep putting the price up to justify adding more channels for premium packages. People on basic packages like me, are paying more and getting nothing extra. When I spoke to the Foxtel cancellation man he was most sympathetic. He said they are getting a lot of customers cancelling and expect quite a few more.

However, he didn't, at any stage in the conversation offer me an incentive to stay with them or even say anything positive about Foxtel.

So they sent me out a mailing kit so I could post all the Foxtel equipment back to them at their expense.

Now, after my Foxtel has been disconnected for a week, they're calling me with special discounted offers if I sign up with them again.

That demonstration of inefficient business practice alone is enough reason to not to.