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A trick a day - for a year


LEGS - Trick 3

'Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic' by Martin Gardner (Page 295)

This is just for those who have this great book. This trick will leave your "victim" trapped on a pole, tied by their own legs!

You'll need to see the diagram to discover how to do it, but it's quite hilarious.

Perfect for a buck's night if you don't have any handcuffs handy...


A trick a day - for a year



'The Mysteries of My Life' by Richard Kaufman & Rene Lavand (Page 95)

Everything in this book is a masterclass for the close up performer - and the memories and philosophies scattered throughout are truly wonderful.

This effect will take some preparation, but I can assure you it's well worth it.

A thought of card is found, and removed, from a shuffled deck inside the magicians pocket. The method is both simple, and extremely challenging.

Get this book for this trick, but read it from cover to cover.

Several times.

You will become a better magician.


A trick a day - for a year



'The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser' by Ed Brown (Page 257)

I really enjoy doing the billiard balls, or in my case the golf balls, but angles are always an issue.

Harry Riser has solved this and created a really nice routine for close up. 

It literally is a close up routine though, it's not an angle proof stage act, because the balls are held so tightly in your hands in some moves that if you were on a stage many spectators wouldn't be able to see them.

It is a very clever, and different, take on a classic of magic.


A trick a day - for a year



'Doctor Who Quiz Book Of Magic' by Michael Holt (Page 38)

People seem to love those interactive magic tricks that Copperfield used to do on his TV specials.

You know the ones: you think of a number, touch the screen and count...

This book has an excellent explanation of a trick using that sort of principle using coins. The spectator counts their way around a series of coins arranged like a '9' and lands on the correct prediction.

The principle is sound, well explained, and easily adaptable for your next TV special


A trick a day - for a year



'131 Magic Tricks for Amateurs' by Will Dexter (Page 151)

I can't believe the simplicity of this method, yet it does fool people.

I think the beauty of it is that it seems so impromptu that the astonishment factor is heightened.

You take a piece of cardboard, form it into a tube and fasten it with two paper clips - one at each end.

You show it empty at both sides, you even reach right through it to prove it's gimmick free.

Then you immediately produce a large silk, a feather bouquet, whatever you like from it.

I love this method! Perfect for MagicSports or for use in a trade show presentation to use a brochure to make a product appear.


A trick a day - for a year



'Sankey Panky' by Richard Kaufman (Page 94)

Some say the coin in bottle is one of the most overdone effects in close up magic. If you are from that school of thought, and would prefer something a little more impromptu, then maybe this effect is exactly what you've been looking for.

Most people I know seem to have this book on their shelves already, which will make finding this trick very easy. In fact, you may have already read it and skipped over it.

The effect is visually stunning. The magician blows up a modelling balloon and then causes a signed coin to penetrate into the balloon.

It is designed to use American money, but with a little fiddling around, I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work with your local moolah.