A trick a day for a year
A trick a day for a year

Foxtel - Most Aggressive & Persistent Telemarketers of All

Got some more calls today from (03) 8325 0909.

If that number sounds familiar, it's because I've written about them here on the blog before.

Though, if you have caller ID, you may have seen it come up on your phone display after answering a call and discovering no-one is there.

Actually, if you EVER get a call and no-one is there, do a 'call back' to get the missed call number and it will most likely be (03) 8325 0909.

There are pages and pages of complaints about this phone number all over the internet.

Many of the people who are repeatedly called by (03) 8325 0909 are on the DO NOT CALL REGISTER and they have complained to the authorities but this same marketing technique on behalf of Foxtel just goes on and on as it has since at least 2009.

What gets me the most is the fact that the DO NOT CALL people have done nothing about it. I guess, just like Consumer Affairs and other government bodies, they're all talk and no action.

No matter what kind of a deal Foxtel offers me, I won't be purchasing simply because of their use of this invasive marketing technique.