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Carbon Tax

Julia Gillard is adamant that we should pay a Carbon Tax.

Why is this so important to her? Why is it worth such a massive loss in personal popularity? Why is her party still supporting it?

Nothing to do with saving the planet... it's simple economics.

As the economy continues to slide, the average punter is earning less and, subsequently paying less tax.

With less tax, the government has less money to run the country, so they've found something they can tax everyone on.

The GST isn't generating enough income because to pay the GST you have to buy something, to buy something you have to have income in the first place.

But everyone generates a "carbon footprint", so none of us have any way out of paying a carbon tax.

Oh wait a minute... the big companies who actually generate the largest carbon footprints do... they've already announced they'll simply raise the prices of their goods and services and pass their carbon tax (plus a little extra, no doubt) on to us so we can pay for them as well.

Some people might suggest the government could avoid having to introduce new taxes simply by spending less of frivolous projects like: The National Broadband Network, Myki, Desalinisation Plants, Solar Schemes, Insulation Schemes, Digital Set Top Schemes, and countless other financially unfeasible efforts of recent times.

Why doesn't the government simply stop work on these projects or break the contracts if they are losing so much money? Because some people are making a lot of money from each and every one of these government approved schemes.