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12 entries from June 2011

The Melbourne Magic Festival

It's the most anticipated magic event of the year and it starts in just over a week!

13 MMF - Logo

If you haven't visited our site yet and booked your tickets... HURRY UP!!!

The AIM STAGE GALA SHOW (starring over a dozen magicians in a two hour show for only $20) has less than 30 seats left!!

ONCE UPON A TIME... and many of the other family shows, are selling fast and we anticipate having to turn people away like we did last year... so book in advance.

And, if you can't wait until Monday week, come join us for the Festival Launch Party at THE ALCHEMIST on Wednesday. Tickets are free ($1 booking charge), but bookings are essential. It will be a great night (with free beer courtesy of White Rabbit) with magic everywhere you look!

Tonight, you can hear Sue-Anne Webster and Lee Cohen talking about the Festival on 89.9 LIGHT FM after 7pm, next week you'll see Magic Festival clips in The Age iPad Edition, and next Saturday look out for a big spread in the Herald Sun.

It's on!

Carbon Tax

Julia Gillard is adamant that we should pay a Carbon Tax.

Why is this so important to her? Why is it worth such a massive loss in personal popularity? Why is her party still supporting it?

Nothing to do with saving the planet... it's simple economics.

As the economy continues to slide, the average punter is earning less and, subsequently paying less tax.

With less tax, the government has less money to run the country, so they've found something they can tax everyone on.

The GST isn't generating enough income because to pay the GST you have to buy something, to buy something you have to have income in the first place.

But everyone generates a "carbon footprint", so none of us have any way out of paying a carbon tax.

Oh wait a minute... the big companies who actually generate the largest carbon footprints do... they've already announced they'll simply raise the prices of their goods and services and pass their carbon tax (plus a little extra, no doubt) on to us so we can pay for them as well.

Some people might suggest the government could avoid having to introduce new taxes simply by spending less of frivolous projects like: The National Broadband Network, Myki, Desalinisation Plants, Solar Schemes, Insulation Schemes, Digital Set Top Schemes, and countless other financially unfeasible efforts of recent times.

Why doesn't the government simply stop work on these projects or break the contracts if they are losing so much money? Because some people are making a lot of money from each and every one of these government approved schemes.

Boris Wild - Soon in Melbourne


Boris Wild is one of the very best close up magicians in the world today.

  • He's featured on the cover of this month's Genii.
  • His BW Marked Deck is one of the most popular magic decks in the world.
  • His recent release ACAAB is a top seller.
  • He's been French Champion of Magic and the FFAP Grand Prix Award Winner.
  • He's a FISM Award Winner and head of the FISM Jury in Beijing.
  • He's the recipient of the prestigious Robert-Houdin medal.
  • He stole the show at the recent IMX convention in Las Vegas.

Boris Wild will be appearing at The Melbourne Magic Festival with FOUR PERFORMANCES ONLY of his FULL SHOW! (7pm July 5, 6, 7 and 8) Click here for more information

PLUS - As a very special bonus, Boris will also be presenting his astonishing LECTURE on Sunday July 10 at 2pm. Click here for more information. THIS you DON'T want to miss out on!

Both the shows and the lecture have limited seating and tickets are selling fast, so BOOK NOW and don't miss out on this rare opportunity to see a true artist who will change your perception of magic forever.

Magic on TV

It's great when Australian magicians get on TV, but when the right ones get on and really make an impact, that's even better.

Such was the case last night with Cosentino on Australia's Got Talent. Over the year's he has matured as a performer and it's so clear that his time is now. Sure, the judges will think that they've "discovered" him but it's Cos who's playing the game perfectly and reaping the rewards.

His water escape last night is buzzing all over the media this morning, with a great piece in the Herald Sun 'Confidential' section here. Last time he had people raving about his illusions and his dancing, this time it's his escape and his body. He seems to be covering all bases and we wish him well in the Grand Final!

Also in the Herald Sun this morning there was a preview of Lawrence Leung's Unbelievable. His new TV series starts next Wednesday, 9.30pm on ABCTV and the reviewer absolutely raved about it giving it 5 stars.

Can't wait for this series to start.


Both of these extremely talented Melbourne magicians have worked extremely hard to get where they are today, creating unique and individual personas and choosing to emerge on TV when they have enough original material for a sustainable run.

Well done guys!

Tickets selling amazingly fast!



Both shows are over a month away so it looks like they'll be sold out before the Festival even begins.

If you were planning to attend either of these, the hottest tickets at The Melbourne Magic Festival, get online here and BOOK NOW before all the tickets disappear!

Suspended Animation

In the world of magic where piracy abounds, it's great to see someone thinking laterally in order to protect their creation.

John Taylor has decided to combat the rip-offs and protect his customers by creating a website dedicated to one of his most popular illusions.

On the site he details the history, the purchasing information, and most importantly the owners of his original illusion. He even goes to great lengths to reiterate how buyers can help protect their purchase and how important it is that they notify him if they sell it to someone else.

Excellent ideas all round!