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Melbourne Magic Festival - Week 1

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The woofle dust has settled on the first week of The Melbourne Magic Festival and here are some fascinating facts and figures:

16 out of the 71 shows were totally sold out!

Of the 7,078 tickets on sale last week, 4,445 were sold! (And another 280 guests attended as "comps")

Our AIM CLOSE UP GALA tonight was a MASSIVE SUCCESS with 215 guests enjoying over two hours of sensational magic.. and there's even more to come with new shows opening this week including:

  • Simply Magic
  • Kobi & Alice
  • Secrets
  • Manipulations
  • Something About Needles & Razorblades
  • Kikkii Saves Planet Courage
  • Jason Varga's Hypnotic Happy Hour
  • Disconcerting
  • Wanna Bet