Penn & Teller: Fool Us
Tim Ellis in the Stage Gala at the 2012 AMA in Hong Kong

Timeless Magic - New book now available!

You can now purchase my new 150 page book TIMELESS MAGIC online!


  • CLOSE UP MAGIC – Credit Card Fax, Thumbtip Tips, Coins Across, The Bare Coin Vanish, Cash to Credit Card, Tricky Trick, Broken & Restored Rubber Band
  • CARD TRICKS – Hi Tek Deck, The Cards From Snowy River, Jazz Cards, Deckstress, 7D, Perplexity, Big Deal, The Tim Card Poker Deal
  • PARLOUR MAGIC – Ultimate Blades, Shakespeare’s Monte, Divide & Conquer
  • STAGE MAGIC – The Kruger Kard Trick, Bill to Anything, Candle Tips, Soda Resurrection, Seven Keys to Baldpate, Wife Swapping
  • MENTALISM – Spiral Bound, Cellular Thinking, Card Code
  • BIZARRE MAGICK – Deathslates
  • ESSAYS – Creativity, Tips & Ideas, Floorshows, Strolling Magic, Can You Keep A Secret?, Riders, Reality Avenue, It’s About That Attitude, How To Win A Magic Competition
  • AMUSEMENTS – The Top Ten Clowns, What If Magicians Were Like...?
  • Plus more!


PAPERBACK - $35 - Click here

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