A very long day...

Day off

As the title suggests, today was a lazy day. Late breakfast in the hotel buffet with Arthur Trace as shared the free wifi in the lobby (LAN only in the hotel rooms), then I went out to do a little exploring.

I quickly discovered that we are not in a tourist district, the only shops outside of the hotel selection being a no-name convenience store, a dodgy video shop and an even dodgier Irish pub.

I ended up heading back to the hotel and having a sandwich at Starbucks (28rmb = $4.50) and a Baskin Robbins ice cream (40rmb = $6).

I got a bit of Magic Festival work done, watched a movie on TV and then we all headed out to a Korean BBQ dinner which was yum!


Back at the hotel Arthur and I had to do a quick video interview for part of the convention and then, as it was getting late, I popped in to the hotel's Ye Olde English Pub for a quick Coca Cola. Being a hotel my glass of Coke mix was 30rmb versus the 2.5rmb I paid for a can across the road at the convenience store! 

As I was savoring my $5 Coke a very elaborately dressed Chinese girl approached me and asked if I spoke English. It was then I realised 90% of the customers in the pub were equally elaborately dressed Chinese girls, all looking enviously at this woman and her potential mark (me). 

I asked her the time, then borrowed her watch, caused the time to magically change in her hands, downed my Coke while enjoying the stunned expression on her face, and got out of there while the getting was good!