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From my wall - #4


Many of you know that I'm a big WWE fan. A long time ago (as you can tell by the poster behind me as it has the WWF logo) I was lecturing through the USA and one of the stops was New York - so I took full advantage and made a trip to Times Square especially to visit the newly opened WWF restaurant/nightclub. This was even before Criss Angel took up residence in the venue with a show which, by all reports, was actually better than his current Luxor show.

It was quite an experience to visit this newly minted mecca of all things wrestling. Very exciting because it was fresh and new and I was there... but all very disappointing because it was, in essence, just another manufactured theme restarant (like an 'Irish O'Murphy's' pub or something).

I guess my feelings were pretty much shared by the WWE Universe because the venue has ceased to be. Now it's gone, replaced by another themed restaurant, the Hard Rock Cafe.