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From my wall - #5


Continuing on with odd photos on my office wall... this is probably one of the oddest! 

It was taken back on, possibly, my first lecture tour of the States (2002?). After doing a lecture to a great crowd in Florida one guy heard we were going in to Busch Gardens and said he worked there. So, after we did the roller coasters and got our adrenaline rush, he took us backstage to meet some of the amazing creatures he worked with. It was quite the VIP experience!

Looking at the Busch Gardens website now, it seems that the Dolphin theatre must have been replaced shortly after our visit, so that makes this photo even more special.

I wouldn't mind going back to Tampa some day soon, after all they have some of the top coasters at that park, but they also have this wonderful exhibit.

I haven't had the need to compose one of these complaining posts for some time, but this situation is beyond ridiculous.

Back in October last year sent me an email letting me know that my domain was set to expire. If I wanted to renew I needed to update my credit card details or I would lose the domain.

As I no longer need the domain I let it lapse.

However, that didn't actually happen. Despite the fact that the AMEX card I had lodged with them had expired - they altered the cards expiry date on my account and renewed me for another term!

My Amex was bill $49 on Oct 31, 2012.

I emailed them pointing out that I did NOT renew, my AMEX card date had been altered and they needed to refund my $49.

The reply from 'Nick Stokes' (the guy from CSI?)

"Thank you for your email, I have checked your account and it clearly shows that you haven’t cancelled your automated billing; therefore as per our terms and conditions located at a refund will not be issued."

After a few email exchanges, Nick explained that the ONLY way to prevent future "renewals" was for me to go online and delete the credit card from my account.

However, every time I deleted the credit card from my account, the form would not SAVE my details as it pointed out I need to have a valid credit card otherwise my account is incomplete and cannot be saved.

I pointed that out to Nick Stokes who was puzzled that I couldn't do it as he could do it easilty. (Duh, he has access to the back end of the site...)

So, as a favour to me, he deleted my credit card info from the site so that I wouldn't be rebilled in Oct 2013.

As another favour to me, as I had explained I no longer wanted the domain HE DELETED MY ENTIRE SITE!!!!

I had to admit defeat at the hands of either and idiot or a vindictive so and so... so I replaced the now blank website with a page redirecting people to my current website.


Last month I started getting automated notifications from that my domain was about to expire!

Well, thought I. must be a "computer error" as I could see the $49 charge on my AMEX.

This morning they emailed me and yes, my domain has now expired and even my redirect page has vanished from the internet despite the fact that they charged me (illegally) $49.

I can't call even though they have a St Kilda Rd address, because their phone number advises me to seek help online.

On their webpage it advises 

"You can also submit a request or send us an email at"

But sending an email to that address results in this:

"The following recipient(s) cannot be reached: 

      '' on 13/01/2013 8:06 AM

            Invalid recipient"

And I can't reply to my emails to Nick Stokes because that "ticket" has been closed.


 So, I have to resort to my blog and simply state my case, one that even Nick Stokes of CSI couldn't solve, and warn people to avoid doing any business with 

They are either intentionally making it difficult for people to cancel rebilling and to access help or they are incompetent. Either way, not a company anyone should be doing business with.