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2 entries from February 2013

The lunatics are still running The Asylum

It's been a while since I checked the website of THE ASYLUM - those producers of low budget knock offs of popular movies (the film world's version of Magic Makers).

They haven't missed a trick...

When James Cameron re-released TITANIC in 3D, they decided to cash in on the millions he spent on PR by releasing their new movie TITANIC 2.  

When ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE SLAYER came out, they were ready to cash in with ABRAHAM LINCOLN vs ZOMBIES


When THOR came out, Asylum brought out ALMIGHTY THOR (with wrestler Kevin Nash?!)


Now that HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS has hit the cinemas, Asylum has brought out HANSEL & GRETEL (even the font of the movie title is the same)


And, always ready, as the new big budget JACK THE GIANT SLAYER is about to be released, so is The Asylum's JACK THE GIANT KILLER


If only they would stop riding on the coat tails of other people's success and just stick to making the movies they make best... like MEGASHARK vs CROCOSAURUS



Anyway, enough of this rant, time to watch a quality Hollywood movie just starting on TV...