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Got Talent?

So what DOES it take to win a GOT TALENT show?

In Britain, after magician Jamie Raven came second to a performing dog last year, another magician has just taken out the top prize. Last week 25 year old amateur magician Richard Jones won with more than a touch of controversy.

The Magic Circle, Britain’s world-famous club of professional magicians, tweeted to say it was proud to see a member finally taking the £250,000 prize.

But others are not so happy. Some are saying Richard performed exactly the same effects that American magicians performed on America's Got Talent in 2015 and 2014. Someone has even created a video so that viewers can judge for themselves.



For his grand final performance, Richard performed a story deck effect and a card painting effect together.


both of which were performed by the magician who won America's Got Talent in 2015 Matt Franco



It's not only magicians who noticed that Richard was performing effects that had already been done on the franchise, the media in Britain picked up on it too with headlines like BGT'S RICHARD JONES ACCUSED OF STEALING WINNING TRICK FROM AMERICA'S GOT TALENT CHAMPION.


So... did Richard choose his repertoire based on what worked on the show in America... or did the producers suggest what effects he should do?

Is this the real secret of winning the competition?


I hope not.

Over on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT they just featured one of THE best acts in the world today - Thommy Ten & Amelie - The Clairvoyants. If there is ANY justice in the world they will take out the top prize with absolute ease. Take a look, their act is truly astonishing.