Andy Gross

Qantas - The Saga of the Lost Reading Glasses


OCT 11:                

I contact Qantas via their Facebook page informing them that I accidentally left my new prescription reading glasses on the plane that day. I provide all the information requested and Lily #1 says “We’ll get a team member to be in touch”.

OCT 14:                

I have heard nothing and I message them again explaining I’m about to get on a ship so their team member should leave a message or email me. Safia #2 says “We have very limited access to our Lost Property Team” and tells me to call them, either at the Melbourne or Denpasaar offices, and gives me both numbers.

Two hours later Mark #3 messages me telling me they have been in touch with the Lost Property Team in Denpasaar and my glasses have been located. He thanks me for my patience.

I reply asking how can I get them? No reply.

OCT 18:                

Back in Australia I call the Melbourne Lost Property Office and am on hold for 15 minutes before being disconnected. I message them asking how I can collect my glasses.

CB #4 writes telling me to call Denpasaar.

I reply saying I have been calling them too but I also get no reply.

Maritha #5 replies telling me call Denpasaar and leave a voicemail.

I reply explaining I can’t leave a voicemail if the phone is not answered and ask them if they can simply email Denpasaar or pass my details on to them.

KO #6 replies asking for me to provide all of my details so they can check with Denpasaar to find out if an item matching my description has been handed in. In the meantime, they suggest I phone Denpasaar directly.

I reply that the item has already been found.

OCT 19:                

Sol #6 replies Hi Tim, please contact our Found Property in Denpasar on +62 361 9366964 to have your item identified and organise delivery. Sol”

I try calling the number over the next few days and each time Optus tells me the number is disconnected.

OCT 24:                

Prachi #7 replies saying it seems odd. He explains that he has been able to speak to the Lost Property Department in Denpasaar and asks for my contact details and he will have them get in touch with me directly.

I give him my details.

Two hours later he replies: Thanks for confirming, Tim. We're unable to get a hold of the Lost Property Team in Denpasar at the moment. Please message us here again, so we can try at a later time. In the meanwhile, let us know if you're able to get in touch with them. Prachi”

OCT 25:                

I message explaining that nobody has contacted me.

Nic #8 asks “Have you been able to get in contact with the Denpasaar team?”

Nic then explains he/she understands my frustrations, gives me the phone number again, and asks me to call them again.

I explain that I have tried that number,Optus told me it was disconnected, and that Prachi said Denpasaar would be calling me.

OCT 26:                

Chloe #8 replies Hi Tim, we've never advised the team would call you. As this team does not operate as an outbound call centre at all. As mentioned above, we've called the above number and it does work, so you'll need to persist with them directly. Chloe”

I send Chloe a copy of the message Prachi sent me saying Denpasaar would call me, she replies that I need to contact them and she cannot assist any further.

I reply saying I can’t contact them because the number doesn’t connect, and she says it does, she got through, I have to call them too.

Khalid #9 jumps in and suggests I try calling using another device or another carrier.

I explain I am calling from my home landline and Khalid says Hi Tim, we have given your contact number to the Denpesar Lost Property team and they have advised they will be in contact. Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Khalid”

Nic #10 jumps in and offers an apology and asks that, while I am waiting for a call back from Denpasaar, that I should continue to try calling them.

I explain that I am once again about to go overseas.

OCT 31:                

I message saying nobody has called and I am boarding a plane.

 Zen #11 replies Hi Tim, the item will be kept for three months. We tried calling the Qantas team in DPS and were not able to get hold of them. Can you please let us know if you haven't heard from them by the end of the week so we can give them a call during business hours? Thanks for your ongoing patience. Zen”

I reiterate that I won’t hear from them by the end of the week because I will be away with no phone or internet and Prachi jumps back in saying: Hi Tim, please flick us a message when you've arrived back, so we can follow up for you. As per our previous correspondence, we've passed on your contact details and description of your item, so these should remain on file, until our next correspondence. Prachi”

NOV 8:                 

I message saying I am back. How can I get my glasses?

Mark #12 replies: Hi Tim, we've just contacted the Denpasar Lost Property office @ +62 361 9366964 and have advised that you can contact them so they can connect you to the Qantas office accordingly regarding the found item. Hope you'd be soon be reunited with your glasses. Mark.”

I explain to Mark that I have been unable to get through to Denpasaar.

Safia #13 replies Hi Tim, we've now been able to get a hold of them and they advised us of the info sent above. Please contact them on the number provided so they can further assist. Safia”

Now I’m fed up and I explain they’ve been zero help.

 Issy #14 replies: We're sorry to hear you feel that way, Tim. We've assisted you as much as we can. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience. Issy”

NOV 9:                 

My friend Abi is going to Bali tomorrow and has offered to pick up the glasses from the Qantas Lost Property Department personally.