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Josh Duhamel in 'I Dream of Jeannie'

The 'I DREAM OF JEANNIE' movie is back in pre-production. After the disaster of 'BEWITCHED' they've decided to trash the "updated" version of Jeannie and go back to a more traditional story based on the TV series.

We all know who should play Jeannie, but specualtion is rife about who could play Major Nelson. Seems most of the fans want Josh Duhamel. How would he fit the role? Let's see...


Sydney Dreams of Jeannie!

SonySue-Anne spent yesterday in Sydney as 'Jeannie' for the Australian launch of the DVD 'I Dream of Jeannie - Season One'. Sony arranged for her to appear at the JBHiFi Store in The Galeries Victoria in the heart of the city and it was a big success.

Sue-Anne spent most of the afternoon and evening posing for photographs with Jeannie fans, and Sony had arranged for a camera and printer so customers could take their photos home with them.

Jeanniedvd1Sue-Anne said that reactions ranged from excited and delighted to stunned when people suddenly found themselves face to face with 'Jeannie'.

The four-disc set of DVDs is now available Australia-wide in all good DVD stores and the second season (which was released ten days ago in the USA) will be available here in a few months.