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Photo Competition - TheCuso

As most of the readers of this blog are either magicians or magic fans, I'm sure you all have photos of yourselves with playing cards.


Well TheCuso has just embarked on a photo competition and is looking for exactly that!


These are the rules:

-Only one pic per participant.
-The pic must contain at least a playing card or a deck of cards or anything related to playing cards (symbols, court guys running around or whatever).
-Only submisions to thecuso@gmail.com with the subject My Photo will be allowed for the contest.
-Emails must include your full name and nickname/screen name (if you have).
-Deadline is 29 February 2008.

There will also be runner ups for these categories:

Funniest pic: If you think you have THE pic that would make us laugh our asses out.
Most Artistic: If your pic has the best colours, lights or photoshop effects.
Most Original: If you did Pandora while jumping off a bridge bungee style.


The Cull

Well it's that time of the year again, January 1 and out with the old and in with the new! Time to cull the list of 65 "Referring Sites" of other magic blogs down by removing those that have been inactive for at least 4 months.

First to go is Annabelle's Mohana Thoughts, the thoughts of a female mentalist in Florida, last post in July.

Next is b d erland's blog, (a South Korean magician) but only because it's better known as Ye Olde Magick Blog and there's no point in having it listed twice.

Conflagratio seems to have disappeared completely.

Mark Jensen's Days of Wine & Neurosis hasn't posted since June, hope he starts again though, and the same goes for Dean Atkinson and his Comedy Magician & Ventriloquist blog and John LeBlanc and Escamoteurettes.

Every Magic Day by Philip & Henry last posted about Blaine in his bubble back in May, and Magic Interviews last added to their blog in July.

Magic Mondays started and ended in June with three posts, and Magic Show and Tell is another blog that's simply vanished.

Magical Musings from Indian has been quiet since April, and MagicForge hasn't posted since reporting on the Blackpool Convention back in February. Morgan Strebler hasn't posted since August, but prior to that his posts were in May and January.

The Genii Blog has gone, (why do you need a blog when you have a forum and a magazine anyway?) and The Greater Chicago Area Magic Scene blog has been deleted and The Magic Den has been "suspended", and Unexpected Wonders has moved to here.

And I refuse to add Dave J Castle's blog no matter how much he asks, though I should add him to Magic Fakers...

So now I've managed to cull our list down from 65 to 80 magic blogs... if I've missed any, let me know. 

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all our readers, from Sue-Anne, Sparks and I.

Thanks so much for all your support and comments over the year and we look forward to chatting with you even more in 2008. Remember, we do love hearing from you so please don't be shy in letting us know what aspects of this blog you enjoy, and we'll try to focus on those

Coincidentally enough, this post marks another milestone for this blog as it is the 1000th POST! (I really do waffle on don't I!)  For those keeping score, we've also had 1,537 comments and 150,747 page views!

TypePad is fighting SPAM

But unfortunately for us it's being a little too over aggressive and identifying a lot of comment posters as SPAM.

TypePad has assured us that they are rectifying the problem, so keep trying to send those comments through! If you can't wait, just email them to me and I'll post them on your behalf, but hopefully TypePad should have the problem fixed asap.